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Remnants in the City

Part 1 Project 2011
James Taylor
Kingston University, UK
An extension of the park into the city, within which a series of structures appear as remnants in a landscape... In response to the materiality of the church, and the verticality of its spire, a cluster of towers ornament Clapham gateway, adding drama and contrast to the horizontality of the high street.

Once a rural outcrop lying south of the city, Clapham has been overrun by infrastructure. As a consequence of commercial chain shops and out of town superstores invading the urban realm, the high street continues to lose its identity, driving out independent retailers and key local services, which characterise many of Londons high streets. In response to an ever increasing number of vacant retail units, I propose a scheme absent of shops, boosting life back into the heart of Clapham high street whilst directing new focus toward a series of city rooms for culture and community.

Driven by tectonics, materiality, light and space, a robust, timeless architecture accommodates for an ever changing high street programme.

James Taylor

Mr Tim Gough
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