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Age – Integrated Facility

Part 1 Project 2011
Deok Jae Kim
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
The project suggests a prototype of new educational facility. It is designed for the schools that are soon to be closed down due to the result of CBD Decline Phenomenon throughout the centre of Seoul. Jae-Dong Elementary School was taken as a case study and was further developed to extract applicable rules for the similar cases.

The prototype is an age-integrated facility for working mothers' children and senior citizens that often gather around the centre of Seoul. According to references, various type of outdoor spaces are essential for interaction between elders and children altogether.

I designed a geometry which consists of units and outdoor spaces. One unit is in touch with four different outdoor spaces. At the same time four units surround one outdoor space. The units affect characteristics of the outdoor spaces.

The children and elders will share the 'programs' - positioned in the central row, such as entrance, cafeteria and auditorium to induce a dynamic interaction The distance from the axis of 'shared programs' to the units depends on how strong the user-oriented units are. The stronger user-oriented characteristic unit has, the closer it is to the 'shared programs.'

This prototype can be applied to different sites with with slight distinctions. The axis of 'shared programs' will change its direction according to 'accessibility' gained from each site. The Pocket Park and some programs will be accessible to rest of the citizens according to site condition.

This project aims to strengthen the bond between working mothers who commute with their children. An interaction between children and elders will create such environment where children can learn courtesy and sociability, and the elders can obtain vibrant source of life by doing so.

Deok Jae Kim


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