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Terra Nova

Part 2 Project 2012
Daria Kamysheva
Moscow Architectural Institute Moscow Russia
This project aims to discuss the problems of one of the basic elements of the socialist town planning – the Soviet micro-district. These units form 90.4% of the Moscow city area and accommodate 92.7% of the total population. But in light of growing needs of the citizens micro districts don’t meet the standards of modern living environment and developed infrastructure any more.

The basic purpose of the project was to find a way of delicate revitalization of the micro-district environment and to balance its functional deficiency. Through the accurate analysis of the infrastructural nets and public functions of several metropolises the ideal program for micro-district was inferred. Analyzing one particular unit it was figured out that 33% of its area is unused and potentially suitable for the «functional intervention». This discovered area was called Terra Nova, as nobody had used it before. The new land is designed as a multi-functional park with smooth organic landscapes that naturally and unnoticeable fits the micro-district. The program that was inferred previously is integrated into the structural cavities of this formation. The inventory of this new land had shown up that it consists of several types of elements. Its perimeter may be recognized as a connector with the surrounding environment and used for parking and service. The core of the Terra Nova is the large quay that embraces four ponds. This area is separate from the housing and suitable for entertainment and trade. The last element is the chain of islands – courtyards within the micro-district that should be developed as a semi-private space for the local residents. As a result of further fragmentation the catalog of 13 elements of different shape size and function was built on.

Overall, this project introduces a general method that can be reproduced and applied to the districts of such type. On one hand it saturate the outskirts with developed infrastructural nets, on the other creates an absolutely new city environment.

Daria Kamysheva


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