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Prudent Idea Store - By Considering social quarrel in 2011, Melbourne, Australia

Part 2 Project 2012
Fereshteh Tabe
University of Melbourne Melbourne Australia
The “Prudent Idea Store” in Collingwood, a suburb close to Melbourne, tries to amplify its operation system and reduce carbon emission. The ambition in this project is to diminish the environmental stress in society and be a pattern for future design and developments.

After politicians started actions on climate change in Australia and since the proposal of a carbon tax in February 2011, there have been rallies against and for the new tax in Melbourne. For two weeks there was a conflict in Melbourne and other major cities in Australia. For protestors the problem was an increase in life expenses as a result of introducing the Carbon Tax that would be hitting the energy bills of citizens. Meanwhile, supporters believe that the tax is essential for a better environmentally-friendly future that will produce better quality of life for the next generation.

Consequently, the “Prudent Idea Store “as a community hub in the area precisely observes the conflict and addresses the reason for the quarrel by becoming a prototype for buildings in the Collingwood neighbourhood, using natural resources for its functioning.

The Idea Store’s inherent value is the sharing of information. It becomes more valuable when it is assigned as a prototype in the urban scale to meet the demands of supporters and protestors. In fact, this occurs through double layers in the skin of the project; which are inspired by the movement of people and government as a result of the Carbon Tax policy. Specifically, the first layer is using the sun energy by the dense module fixed to the bottom layer. The solar panels installed on these modules, can save the sun radiation and use it in place to charge its electricity and lighting. Indeed, these operable modules can direct the wind into the building for natural ventilation. The second layer is a justified waffle structure with a specific form for opening that controls the sun light direction entering to the Idea Store as well as the process of natural ventilation by operable ETFE panel.

The modules and the ETFE panels coordinate with each other via timing belt mechanism.

Fereshteh Tabe


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