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Making City Structure

Part 1 Project 2012
Sun Jeong Pyo
Korea National University of Arts Seoul South Korea
The purpose of this project is reacting to the city structure. The project is started with analysing the city structure in Seoul in each period that is divided into three types (the late Joseon Dynasty period _A, the Japanese colonial period _B, and the modern period _C). My site is In-Sa Dong where the three types of city structure converged.

In there, B structure was broken by C structure that had cut in thoughtlessly. There are great gap between A,B and C not only in scale but in spatial. The ambiguous area between structures is the area restructured.

My intention is to revive and connect the broken B structure. At the same time, I expect the new structure will be make relationship between A,B and C.

The form of the volume is based on the trace of B structure and the new additive volumes are combined. New path is planned considering the connection of broken B structure and the relationship with the existing path. Where two paths intersect, a wide open space is placed.

The programme suggested is for public; galleries, shops, performance area, a wide open space.

Sun Jeong Pyo

Prof Jongkyu Kim
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