Next Project

Urban Park Market

Part 2 Project 2012
Pablo Bello
University of La Serena La Serena Chile

The Next Project falls within the scope of the Replenishment of urban infrastructure, urban design and the design of larger scale equipment. The Project involves the replacement of the food market "Tirso de Molina" and flower markets "Santa Maria" and "San Francisco". All three are placed at the edge of Mapocho River, between the towns of "Recoleta", "Santiago center", "Independence" and "Providence", of the city of Santiago de Chile. The bill provides and takes care of the problem of continuity of the city, across the river to the north and the continuity of the Mapocho's riverside in extent, without losing in the course of solving the problems, life and strong spontaneous activity in the sector and its many links with the rest of the city. Replacement Project recovers 21,000 m2 of parks and renews 21,550 m2 of Markets, also to incorporate new programs that nurture the work of residents and visitors of the project with the objective of building a new facade for the city to the north side of the river Mapocho and consolidate the site as an area of Parks and Recreation. Replacement character that has the project as a first apront is know something of the history of it. Tirso Molina The market is primarily a market area, which supports the Vega Central and District Mapocho, besides being a Retail meat market. Born from the possession of the land to side of the river by street traders and former traders belonging to the central market, which eventually succeeded in consolidating the market place as within small sheds. Prior to his current actual replacement and Current Market, this was a deplorable condition and over 70% was empty or enabled as a warehouse. Thus was born the idea for the project To the program add the two markets Flores, adjacent to Market, such as enhancer elements of public spaces and Consolidators of the idea of living for the project. Flower markets, Santa Maria and San Francisco are part of the history of the place, San Francisco is part of an old story told in a play.

Pablo Bello

Oscar Rojas

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