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Making Space: A Luthier's Workshop

Part 1 Project 2012
Jane Redmond
Ulster University, UK
Dermot McIlroy, a world class Luthier, has been passionately crafting guitars for over 20 years. The admiration of the precision and quality of his work is becoming extensively recognised, and as a result, he is looking to extend his life and work in Northern Ireland, starting a base for ‘McIlroy Guitars’ in Dublin.

The project sits on the empty end of terrace of Henrietta Street, one of the original Georgian terraces in Dublin. Through time, neglect ¬¬has led the historic buildings into a state of decay.

Where there is evidence on the street of attempts to recreate the Georgian rhythm and style, the attention remains on the beauty of the original decaying terrace.

The aim of the project was to create a space, which doesn’t overpower the character of the original Georgian context, but rather exploits its imperfections to the benefit of the design.

Using solid walnut timber in model to represent concrete, various surface finishes can be carved and created to express different moods through the scheme, providing a way of communicating the spatial ambitions of the design. The intentions of the project evoke a debate between drawing space and making space, and the expression each method can provide. Where the measured drawings give an idea of dimensions and pathways through a space, they rarely communicate a feeling within a space, which making can provide.

Jane Redmond

Mr Mike McQueen
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