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Where the Wild Things Are

Part 2 Project 2012
Percy Weston
Royal College of Art, UK
What if a safari park could bring together an area of London that is divided by glaring contrasts of wealth and deprivation?

The new Thames Safari Park links Deptford in the South to Canary Wharf in the North with a continuous, winding strip of wilderness, transport and leisure. The safari landscape weaves through the city, at some points a dramatic focal point, and others, a secret oasis. The new African Savannah Bridge over the River Thames and the House of the Great Apes between the towers of Canary Wharf typify this limbic and surreal zone where nothing outside matters – insistently luring travellers between the conglomerates of Canada Square and the street markets of Deptford.

Where the Wild Things Are challenges traditional hierarchies between man and beast. The architecture choreographs opportunities for lives, territories, narratives and worlds to overlap and interweave. The rest, is up to us.

Percy Weston


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