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Cars Show Room and Leisure Centre

Part 1 Project 2012
Ali Al-Ghamdi
University of Dammam Dammam Saudi Arabia
The architectural concept: starting from the main entrance, the designer aims to make it as a landmark thus to create visual communication between the visitor and passer-by and the building. The show hall block is directed to the street front so it can be seen by who passes by easily.

The design of the elevations was inspired from the logo of Volkswagen
1 – The aim of the project:
To make a quantum leap in the design of motor show rooms in the KSA by providing an atmosphere of fun, enjoyment, excitement and relaxation for singles and families
2 - Function:
The main entrance of the exhibition (conical shape) provides a fork access to the three main sections showroom cars, games and management. The maintenance was separated from these sections by providing it with a separate access.
3 - Easy access
Smooth movement and access for all project functions for all age groups as well as for the disabled
4 - Spatial impression and experience that would that the building create to the visitor:
Magnitude/ scale and shape of the project volumes as well as the conical main entrance.
5 - The structural system and servicing system:
Space frame system was used in the project to provide large spans that are convenient to accommodate the various functions and to be comfortable as far as possible for users.
6 - Choosing and details of the materials used
Double glazed was used to reduce the effect of energy gain. Also, the building volumes were designed to maximize shading.

Ali Al-Ghamdi


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