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Part 2 Project 2012
Raymond Mcnally
Ulster University Belfast UK
In the studio the sleep of reason produces buildings.

From my sleep I made a machine to find my way to the site

In my previous life I was a scientist.

I trust the measure machines bring.

They guided me to a place forgotten in the city…but yet famous for one of the worlds biggest bank raids.

I imagined a way through.

In my dream I remembered the architect who collected the world in his head…

So I cast my head to get inside my dream and to find science and art.

I replaced my eye with a digital one…now I can zoom closer in...

The people I imagined on the site now became cabinets and space…a city within a city of curiosities

...Inside my head I could now see within the cabinets…

The dependency of art and science…interconnected by the same bloodstream.

I made my own…and brought a beating heart into the studio…could science and art keep it alive?

The walls would need to be the circulation of systems to interrogate and explore these two worlds, the voids....glimpses back into the city, the sky….and ourselves.

How could I map this world inside my head?

I started to make the cabinets which became….material.

Sometimes they danced around inside my head.

I started to carve inside it....the voids were now full of light...

ART and SCIENCE could now invade each other....walls become circulation...

the skin I made had the memory of a forest was alive… with my digital eye

I could see things I never imagined...

What was in the cabinets...who were in the rooms?

But the city was pulling me back….I started to wake….

My project was complete.

Raymond Mcnally

Mr Paul Clarke
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