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Part 2 Project 2012
Eoin French
University College Cork, Ireland
Terminus is a response to Istanbul’s DE-SATURATED Film Industry as well as its current impotence in relation to its CCI’s (Creative Cultural Industries), caused by the massive increase in population of late. A need for revitalization is evident, the aim of terminus being to contribute to its reinvigoration while also reaffirming Istanbul as a cultural center on the global stage. Terminus is a film conservatory and festival ‘SET-SCAPE’. The program consists of a film-archive, film-makers studios, film processing labs and cinema/bar. The building exists in three fragments suspended over a cut, sciographic ground plane. The scheme is envisioned as a cultural transmitter for the city, as well as a host site for Istanbul’s INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL. The program consists of THREE BUILDINGS, a film archive, a directors studio with film processing labs and a Cinema with bar. This all is intended to exist as incandescent hovering entities above a cut, scarred and shadowy groundplane. There is a decided intention for the space to feel uncanny and liminal; an in-between zone- a PENUMBRA on a ruinous edge. A place that is pitted with deep pools of water and shadow. An underbelly that captures the labyrinthine nature of Istanbul, in essence a miniature if the city’s spatial set. In Istanbul elevated space = sacred space, and this notion was adopted for the fragmented building of the conservatory of film. The learning capsules (Director’s studios), are envisioned as two chrysalises, hanging above the earth; POISED, STILL. But brimming with imagination and ideas, encapsulating students while concepts are forged, which are, in time, imprinted back onto the CITY BACKDROP. Two geometrically altered MINARET-LIKE structures pierce through the roof of the studio, allowing for moments of contemplation and silence. Here one is raised high into the air and can watch the city from an isolated space. The students of TERMINUS, are encouraged to spend as little time as possible in the studio, the city and the festival/set-scape are seen as a blank set of canvas’s upon which they can mark and mark again. Mimicking the PALIMPSESTED nature of Istanbul.

Eoin French


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