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Space Within Space

Part 1 Project 2012
Aliyaa Suraiya Mohd Hilmi
University of Malaya Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
The project sits on the heart of Alor Star, the state capital of Kedah, Malaysia. Alor Star is famous and rich with culture and historical building, manufacturing agriculture and producing traditional arts and craft. The cultural diversity of Kedah is best reflected in its tradition, the minute details of architecture and life style. Weaving Centre intends to express the cultural heritage of Alor Star, helping and support creative business society and promote the tourism through arts and craft.

The main idea behind this Weaving Centre is to fit the building into the fabric of an old shop house facing the civic and heritage building. Sign of its history and shop house element is maintain and shown such as the five-foot walkway, courtyard on each incubator and preserving the shop house façade on the project area. This respect to the building history and site history where it consists not only in renovation and preservation of its remains, but also in an attempt to extend the history, transform and bringing the building to life.

The visions start with an idea of creating a space within a space where the building shows the layers of transformation and development of architecture from and old façade to new façade, solid to semi permeable, creating solid and void and playing with hierarchy of spaces. Space within space will become the centre element to show the main activity of weaving program, educate them and introduce about the weaving technique while utilizing the space and maintaining the void. In addition it creates visual linkage from each level and shows the interaction space created within the centre of building.

Inspired by a weaving method, the space within space designed on each levels create an axis connecting people from the piazza to the main entrance of the building. For the sustainable strategies, the Weaving Centre use the daylighting strategies with light reflector, green roof and vertical garden at the core of the building and using green wall material so that it enhance and improve the natural ventilation inside the building.

Aliyaa Suraiya Mohd Hilmi


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