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My Ideal City

Part 1 Project 2012
Miguel Moreira
Universidade Tecnica de Lisboa Lisboa Portugal
An urban program, consisted of four building units, was to be developed in a consolidated residential neighbourhood. Each unit should accommodate a commercial store, a large public equipment and several 20sqm student rooms.

Taking a Cafeteria at hand, besides reinforcing the previous plan’s intentions, i tried to create several small spaces within the whole. Doing so, would give better qualities to each space and soften the impact of the (very) large area that the Cafeteria was required to have.

Located on the top floor, the student’s studios were engaged as long/mid-term temporary housing. Their location assures a proximity to the social activities taking place in the area, while respecting their privacy.

Each individual room is organized in order to provide a generous space that allows for one to use it in different ways, according to their needs and preferences.

Miguel Moreira


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