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Part 1 Project 2012
Lauren Campany
London Metropolitan University, UK

This project is a student initiated Live Project with real clients located within the West Everton Community, Liverpool. Despite being located approximately 1 mile from Liverpool City Centre, Everton is the poorest ward out of 30 making up the city of Liverpool; this is due to many political and economical set backs over the past 50 years.

My project deals with this deprived urban context and develops a strategy for community regeneration, which consists of a series of strategic proposals at varying scales: some of which I have been implementing and some which are proposed for the future.

A large part of West Everton is taken up by a mass of green space known as
Everton Park. This land which is a result of “the slum clearance” of the
1960’s was never developed and turfed instead. I found that this green land never had park status and was never part of the city’s public realm. I shared this with West Everton community council in 2011 and they asked the council to change this status. In 2012 Everton park became officially a park. I also mapped and undertook a Walk that traced the past significance of the area and its characteristics, such as exposed building foundations and dramatic changes in terrain.

Throughout the past twenty years Everton has seen a vast decline in the number of local pubs, which has led to drinking at home, depression and lack of social hubs to replace this void. Pubs were major social spaces within the community. My strategy for West Everton includes a “Nomadic Public House” made from readily available shipping container which will host outreach programs by West Everton community council, deliver skilling programs in collaboration with Shewsbury house youth centre, food production workshops, a temporary archive of everyday life in the old pubs and sale of drinks at major events in Liverpool to raise money for the project. The mobile structure will be constructed in collaboration with Liverpool Community College staff and students which is already agreed.

Building into the Liverpool Community College curriculum we will construct a local microbrewer¬¬y on one of the old pub sites – Clock Works, which will barter berries from a local community allotment in exchange for discounted beer for the “Nomadic Pub” to sell at major events to create a revenue for the project. West Everton community council and Liverpool Biennial arts organisation have put a bid to the arts council to realise the “Nomadic pub”.

Lauren Campany


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