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A Community Church

Part 1 Project 2012
Kwan Nok Chu
Chinese University of Hong Kong, China
Community church, a church opened to public, welcomes all kinds of people to use. Unlike the traditional church, beside of congregation and worshiping, a community church should be multi-functional that it could connect the community and maximize the use of the building. Public can use the church for holding different religious activities, such as praying, assembly, wedding, celebrations, and even funeral.

The community church is located at a conspicuous and peaceful site inside the university, at the foot of the mountain. The church would be conspicuous, especially the congregation hall, so that it could draw the public’s attention and attract more visitors to participate in the religious activities.

Congregation Hall would be the dominate features in the church, in order to distinguish from the rest of the building, becomes the iconic symbol of the church. The hall could be altered the use according to different functions by adjusting the open and close of sliding partition walls at sides and the end walls behind the alter, supporting the community church to hold different events and activities for different purposes together with the assembly hall and side church.

The ambience of congregation hall is affected by the lighting and ventilations of the hall, by controlling the adjustment of the sliding partition walls and end walls. The dim environment would provide an excellent ambience for congregation and worshiping when the walls are closed; while the bright and ventilated environment, together with the nature surroundings, would bring the peaceful and comfortable feeling into the hall. Different ambience of the hall would serve for different purpose.

While the end walls are opened, the hall seems to be open to the public, and welcome all kinds of people to enter the church, and giving a warm and tender feeling. The rest of the church would be remains the same plain style, such that the congregation hall could be projected out from the whole complex.

Kwan Nok Chu


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