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Felton Dam

Part 1 Project 2012
Yuan Xing Liu
University of Auckland Auckland New Zealand
The formation of the dam was generated from the existing landscape of the Upper Mangatawhiri reservoir in the Hunua ranges, Auckland, New Zealand. Looking at the way the contour and mesh connect with variables of routes and programs on site allowed the creation of the “folding” structure. Understanding the structural elements of a dam and the different aspects that produce the engineered function of stable dam were taken into consideration while testing the strength of different folding techniques. An analysis of the site and how the different programmes can be incorporated into the new design of the hydro dam, the roads are altered only on the dam face while the rest of the roads are kept the same. Additional programs integrated into the design to allow the dam to be a multifunctioning infrastructure.

The folding component to the dam is seen through the structural elements on the dam face. The four edge connections of the folds are linked through both macro and micro systems. The macro connection is the direction generation of the form through the site while the micro can be seen through the structural arrangement of the dam face and how the geometrical folding system is applied to the face to allow a structurally stable design.

Yuan Xing Liu


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