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Housing for craftsmen

Part 2 Project 2012
Luciano Arriagada
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
Housing for craftsmen
Valparaíso, world heritage site, presents defects like low density, precarious labour, height unemployment, among other factors, producing a displacement of families from historical residential neighborhoods affecting the use of the heritage public space and in particular in the use of the bay window walk, at present hardly used by children as a game space in opposition to the old occupation as the mayor yard of the neighborhood.

The bay window walk is an urban unique element. It appears in the city after the immigration of the English and the German introducing the value of the landscaping, founding an urban element in Valparaíso, located between the house and the place of work and shaping an amusement festive space.

The project Housing for Craftsmen located at Artillería hill reactivates the surroundings of 21 de Mayo walk.

It provides a productive unity for each house providing work not only for the family group but allowing the work of trainees and assistants. It increases as well the tourist development of the surroundings and extends the walk to a new urban condition: the back room where appears the work yard of the craftsmen, watched below the walk.
The project exposes itself in two orders:

The longitudinal one: a craftsmanship trade fair as an extension of the existent walk edge roofed to control the exhibition light, avoiding the reflections on the shop windows and a work yard showing the productive process.

The vertical one: with layers graduating from the public to the private space, on top the exhibition gallery, the shops and the workshops linked with the working yard; it follows the house, the kitchen and the dining room; lower bedrooms and bathroom and finally a common yard for the children’s games.

Each unity has two volumes: one permeable in timber frame enclosing the workshop and the shop and other one in concrete enclosing the house.

Luciano Arriagada


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