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3+ 1 thematic proposals at Ladonas lake___floating between land and water

Part 2 Project 2012
Loukia Iliopolou
Chrysoula Krassa
Stella Rousogiannaki
National Technical University of Athens, Greece

___the changing landscape

The objective of our diploma project is the development of the artificial Ladonas lake, located at Peloponnese, in order to highlight the natural landscape and at the same time improve the state of nearby villages. We select the area of Ladonas lake and we are inspired by its particularities since it presents certain features that define it as a unique natural landmark.

An Arcadian landscape. It is part of the county of Arcadia and conveys the tranquility and beauty that characterize the Arcadian land.

A mythological landscape. Considered to be meeting place for the Olympian gods, the lake of Ladonas and its waters are bound with the ancient Greek legends and traditions.

Mainly, a changing landscape. The hydroelectric plant and the dam, combined with the seasonal rainfall, create an interesting phenomenon. the variation of the water level during the year. When the water level is low, the history of the lake is revealed in its depth. Watermills, old houses, bridges and entire reefs appear on the surface in periods of drought and then disappear again in the bottom when the rainy season begins.

Considering the variability of the landscape, we choose to create structures that are affected by the rise and fall of the water level in a natural way. As the environment changes, the architectural forms we propose are designed to adjust their form accordingly.

___ 3 + 1 thematic proposals/ the suggestion

We suggest the creation of two serpentine paths. one that is aquatic at the virgin, eastern part of the lake and one that follows the northwestern shore, which is more man oriented. Along the second path we choose to locate our four proposals. A floating exhibition, an open market with local products combined with a refectory, a music stage and a small camping center. Taking under consideration the mythological background of the lake, we use symbolism, drawn from the very landscape of Ladonas, as inspiration for each one of our four proposals.

Loukia Iliopolou
Chrysoula Krassa
Stella Rousogiannaki


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