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Algae Research and Innovation Center

Part 2 Project 2012
Javier Moya Ortiz
University of Chile, Chile
Among Chile’s main goals is "Chile towards development", a programme which aims to insert Chile in the group of developed countries by 2018 through the use of science, innovation and technology. Aquaculture in our country has a high growth potential due to its strategic geographical location, climate, increase in domestic and international demand, and new challenges faced in responding to the sustainable use of ecosystems. Algae are an important ecological, social and economic resource. Worldwide, Chile ranks as the first operator and exporter of this resource. The growing competition between companies and the market challenges of the future require the incorporation of new technologies to deliver added value to this resource. In this context, the Centre for Research and Technological Development in Algae (ARIC) is proposed as a specialized technical infrastructure for research, development and technology transfer aimed for the study of algae.

When the morphology of the rocky coast of the IV Region of Chile meets the sea, it creates a diffuse and dynamic boundary where the water erodes the land forming channels, cracks and pools, which provide an amphibian landscape with intertidal life of flora and fauna. The project aims to transform the architecture into a landscape, which, like nature, land and water interact in function and form, allowing algae crop research and the creation of a new ecosystem for the community.

The city of Coquimbo in Chile gathers a consolidated network of educational and productive infrastructures dedicated to aquaculture and especially algae, this allows the incorporation of ARIC as a research center unifying the Coquimbo sector as a center for education, research and production of the sea, providing a new hub of interest for the city of Coquimbo and the community.

Javier Moya Ortiz


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