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Pluraform Studio: The Trussen Bridge

Part 1 Project 2012
Jaime (Ting Yan) Kwan
University of Auckland Auckland New Zealand
Acting as Auckland City’s icon for the past 50 years, the Auckland Harbour Bridge has become one of the critical transport links between the North Shore City and the central business district. However, with the exponential growth in the economy and population, the existing Auckland
Harbour Bridge can no longer accommodate the daily traffic demands and the changing lifestyle perceptions in Auckland.

In order to cope with the increasing traffic demands, the Trussen Bridge will accommodate 4 light rails, 4 bus lanes and 8 vehicle lanes. Addition to the primary traffic routes, pedestrian and cycling routes have been implemented into the design to promote the idea of outdoor leisure and to increase green spaces around an increasingly urban city where land is primarily utilized for upscale commercial projects.

In addition to its role as a transport infrastructure, the Trussen Bridge is reminiscent of a floating city above the Waitemata Harbour. Housing recreation programmes such as cafes, restaurants, green boulevards and fitness centers, the Truseen Bridge will act as a connection between the two urban centrals in Auckland; the existing CBD and the expanding North Shore City.

Jaime (Ting Yan) Kwan


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