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Agrarian Exhibition Dock

Part 2 Project 2012
Paulina HernáNdez
University of Valparaiso Valparaiso Chile
The project location is in between the route called Bi-oceanic Corridor, that links the harbor of Valparaíso in Chile and the city of Mendoza in Argentina, and the fields preceding Llay Llay on the Aconcagua valley. This first decision looks for to take charge of an edge route consolidation allowing that small productive towns show up to put on sale gastronomic handicrafts with the exhibition of its production process. Therefore the project builds the stopping along this Corridor, shaping a place for this passing trade, a characteristic of the local routes, and as a contribution to the reappearance of the small local economies.
The project proposes the route as an urban element that in the experience of traversing the identity it converts in to travel through by these doors allowing the turn off and housing for the necessary rest in route for the car and the body.

The rooting to landscaping of the Agrarian Exhibition Dock is expressed in the use of the Valley’s landscaping components as a guidelines ruling the orientation and layout of the project as follows :
- the trees territorial lines, the wind control and the insinuation of the Dock in the route with green screens
- the sound of the streams in the qualification of the atmosphere
- the north direction and a sun axis ruling the traversing, watching the time goes away in the contemplation of the landscape shadows.

The conditions of materials search for to expose the location and the program using traditional techniques with land products adding the application of new technologies to may have a strong constructive system as a contribution with a sustainable architecture to the environment location.

Therefore, the project proposes the construction of adobe walls with the technique of Tapial, with a process of tenseness and stabilization.

The timber frame of post and beam supports the straw bales as a roof enclosure providing a thermal comfort.

Paulina HernáNdez


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