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The Four Gospels

Part 1 Project 2013
Justin Chu
Northumbria University, UK
Lindisfarne Island, located in the North East of England. It was converted into a place of pilgrimage in late 7th - 8th century by Bishop of Lindisfarne, St Cuthbert. Presently, this concept of pilgrimage has been lost in cultural evolution in modern society. The island holds a small population of 150. The island itself naturally embraces seclusion, throughout the day there are changes in tide levels which creates a physical environmental barrier. During high tide, people are restricted from leaving or entering the island. Vehicles attempting to leave become fastened and immobilised in water.

This is where Saint Eadfrith (Also Bishop of Lindisfarne) constructed the Lindisfarne Gospels around the year 710 by hand and represents a great achievement of Anglo-Saxon Northumbrian Art. The book contains the Gospels of the 4 Evangelists concerning the life of Jesus Christ. The book was made for ceremonial use and also in honour of St Cuthbert.

The site is located on the Southern point, aside a castle and an abandoned Lime Kiln. From personally visiting the island, there are elements to the island which makes it calm and religious. From isolating tides to tall obelisks and pilgrim's posts rising up in the air, almost acting as a beacon. They reminded me of how cathedrals and religious structures wanted to reach for the skies to be closer to God.

The scheme is to bring back the emotion of solitude and seclusion to a modernised society, allow members of the public to self reflect and learn in their own space as individuals, the qualities pilgrim's once experienced.

The brief for a Visitors Centre and Hostel was then embraced with the idea of a procession, to channel people through the lime kilns [hostel+visitors space] into the sea and branching into solemnly atmospheric spaces.

The land and sea is connected by a long deep trench walkway, imitating the story of Moses. The walkway is almost claustrophobic, creating uncertainty and discomfort, thus pushing the user into relief within the towers to learn. All the structures are simplistically designed and constructed, stripping down to basic living and approach.

Justin Chu


Mr Benjamin Elliott
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