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The Lens City

Part 2 Project 2013
Stefanos Roimpas
Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture de Paris Paris France
Vision 2.0 - a co/plus “sensual” sense

“A place not made out of buildings. A place where you are told what and where to look.
Devices and instruments in different scales will be inhabited; playing the role of rooms and buildings.”

Day 1 – prosthetics
You are one of the 247 visitors sharing a ride this weekend. Indeed it’s both a ride and a place. Doesn’t really matter if you have visited Paris before. You are a curious scientist equipped with a microscope. Your hotel room will be your home for the trip. Be careful since it will change almost at a daily basis. Things will be added or removed. It may get taller, less comfortable and sometimes disappear.
Un-aided eye contact with the city will still be available.

Day 2 – Injections
Basic inventions with significantly small focal length cannot match your expectations. You will visit instruments having the size of buildings giving you the opportunity to explore the Parisian context at almost every possible level. The wider the perspective a device can provide, the more you will live inside and inspect the postcards you used to admire back home.

Day 3 – Taking Over
Having witnessed smaller fragments and learned the code you realize how things combined formed a place. A second Paris visible only through lenses. You learned how to discover it and its time to experience it. Notions like view, distance, physicality or location seem weak. Nothing is too close or far away. The field of view from your bedroom’s lens will celebrate your morning reading or a walk by the river. It may also make impossible to explore the top part of Notre-Dame. You probably need to move into the kitchen. Rotating the room a few degrees or repositioning some mirrors could also work.

The inherited inertia of occupying a specific site is not a problem anymore. Your instruments will react and adapt to the generated content from the unfolding of Parisian context.

Depth of Field becomes a new dimension in architecture.

you may choose to stay

Stefanos Roimpas


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