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Part 2 Project 2013
Juan Carpio Sánchez
CEU San Pablo University Spain
The project was born out of the need to adapt to a complex environment, such as a native forest within the Bronx Botanical Garden in New York. It seeks to attain a relationship of respect with the place, in both the way it settles in and how it allies with it, so that architecture and landscape merge into a whole. Thus, an ethereal architecture based on tension structures and the principle of minimum energy was developed with the steel rope cable as an element that structures the space. Voids and lines merge with the forest creating a suspended volume which respects the ground by recourse to a minimum number of dispersed masts -metaphor for tree trunks- that provide foundation, from which a platform is suspended and enveloped by a Cuben-fiber taut skin. This skin adjusts to the near enviroment, the different solar orientations, and the variety of spatial situations, as if conversing with the landscape, and taking advantage of the environmental conditions to assist the energy system of the building. Therefore, it is the location that ultimately defines the architecture it may accept that keeps human intervention as a mere part of the landscape and marks an ambiguous and diffuse boundary between natural and artificial.
Juan Carpio Sánchez


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