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AAI- Aberdeen Architecture Institute

Part 1 Project 2013
Ryan McOmish
Robert Gordon University, UK
Situated in the centre of a university campus it was vital to maintain connections between the existing buildings but also contribute something new. The openings to the central space of the Architecture Institute align with the existing buildings ensuring the new space will constantly be used as a through-route active with the atmosphere of a vibrant university campus.

The use of Brettstapel Construction, a mass timber construction method using no nails or glue, creates a healthy environment for students to study within and is a sustainable, re-usable and cost effective method of construction. As these issues become more and more prevalent; this is a method the students can aspire a similar attitude to as the next generation of Architects.

As an architectural learning environment the building can be used as a tool the students can constantly be learning from and to encourage learning from each other; within their studios and as they commute around the building.

The building operates as a circuit of studios around a central courtyard space. To reach their studios the students commute around the circuit where they are encouraged to pin up their work along the corridor so they can continuously be learning from each other across all stages of the course.

The separation between the circulation and the studios is defined only by the roof light above and a series of shelves and sliding walls. This open atmosphere creates a versatile space that can also act as an exhibition space for degree shows or local exhibitions.

To express the simplicity of structure from the exterior a bronze drip cap is used to portray the floor and roof plates of mass timber construction and the charred timber cladding as the wall panels. These materials were chosen for the stark contrast between them which visually separates the components of the structure.

Each module has a perforated panel which can be manually operated for natural ventilation creating a working facade which contributes to the operation of the building. Giving the student control of the internal environment encourages them to learn how a building functions.

Ryan McOmish


Mr Neil Lamb

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