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The Penitent Coastguard's Redemption

Part 1 Project 2013
Matthew Carapiet
University of Nottingham, UK
The proposed scheme seeks to reidentify Morecambe Bay through the celebration of its illustrious and scarred cockling industry. Addressing the real issue of illegal cockle picking, the scheme will provide an active registry, operated by the narrative ‘Penitent Coastguard’. This will identify the workers in the localised farming and distribution of the cockles within the city and will offer a degree of security and protection.

In return, the coastguard continues with his clandestine search for the last missing cockle picker of the 2004 tragedy through the mapping of the ever-¬-shifting cockle beds. This manifests through the observation and recording of the labour of the workers. Drawings mapping the potential locations were used to investigate the subject and speculate on architectural propositions.

The proposal on site seeks to re-¬-establish the historical tendons of the Midland Railway tracks that extended to the end of this jetty. Although no longer evident, these are referenced in the three new tendons that connect the building to land. This strategy also reciprocates the locations of the cockle beds in the bay, where the individual collections from each district are harvested. These are then processed and prepared uniquely, and distributed to their respective districts of the city.

The architecture seeks to address the juxtaposition of the vicarious building programme and the exposed location within the shifting tides of Morecambe Bay.

Matthew Carapiet

Mr David Short
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