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Villa Roll

Part 1 Project 2013
Anais Carolina Porras Cabellos
CEU San Pablo University | Spain
Located in the vicinity of Villa Rotonda, Vicenza, a new concept of villa is proposed. How would be the image of such an emblematic place without the Villa? As a result of this pretension, a new infrastructure is proposed. This infrastructure modifies the recognizable and existing landscape taking as a point of reference the concepts of transformability, adaptability and capability of disassembly as opposed to the forcefulness and permanence of the Palladian villa.

The proposed new villa surrounds the pre-existent, generating a villa inside another villa. Its shape is the product of the tensions of the context: the sinuosity of the nearby river, the slope of the terrain and the focalization of Villa Rotonda.

The new Villa is raised over the floor plan of Villa Rotonda up to the dome, generating external and fragmented views of it as opposed to its forcefulness.

Due to its ephemeral nature, a new demountable structure consisting of structural rings is proposed. Its shape and size is subject to the sun exposure conditions of the place. With it, a diversity of spatial and lighting changes is achieved. These changes accompany the way the project is covered and organize the program and the way the village is inhabited. The changing section gives place to the generation of both private and personal areas and public areas. Thus, the structural rings grow to the south, being this south area the place aimed at meetings and activities.

With regard to the manner of inhabitation of the villa, it is proposed a communal inhabitation that gives place to the development of activities within the spatial continuity of the new villa.

The sinuosity of its contour as a consequence of the shape generates tensions between the “soft” skin that surrounds the project and the “rigid” skin of Villa Rotonda. The interstice area between both villas becomes a non-delimited area, a transformed space that invites to discover this emblematic construction in its entirety.
The project is intended to be a reflection of an unalterable piece of the landscape like Villa Rotonda, a reinterpretation of the concept of Villa.

Anais Carolina Porras Cabellos


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