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Home: The Touchstone of our Lifes

Part 2 Project 2013
Pascale Montet
Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture de Paris Paris France
House. It can as well be an idea of shelter as a point of reference or a mere roof above one's head, but most of all this is an edifice built according to a structure both physical and psychological. It might be a reflection of the conscience as a direct product of the individual captured in the current moment?

My attempt here is to redefine the Home's space, a place where stories and accident characterizing the modern family can settle. My point is to imagine the Home's space as free space reflecting our modern society evolving faster and faster - society in which boundaries between men and virtual interfaces become as important as human relationships. Nonetheless, aren't these interfaces the very images of a Home? We are absorbed in these pictures of our tempers, wishes or our emotions. They are like a second home, as complex or intimate as facing-the-world diary would be. If the Home remains the first space for the very primary socialisation among indivudals of a the same family, the cyberspace has become the first opened window on a society where once need to learn how to grow and how to fit in. Indeed, this is all about the localisation in a given space, our social space being as wide and intangible as the Internet. In a few decades, our referential unit has turned from the minute to the second when a piece of information is shared. Notions of time and distance have disappeared and changed into new spaces of expression and evolution. The acceleration of exchanges alters our consciousness of the world and of the other, changes the deep meaning of interactions with one another. Our daily life is paced with the rhythm of the beeps and the ring tones that make us travel anytime during the day.

We definitely cannot push housing architecture into the background of a society in perpetual renewal. My work results into an upgradeable architecture where space organization is defined according to family practices - where virtual sphere settles in the Home as much as its inhabitants, moving, transforming over time.

Pascale Montet


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