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Winery in a quarry, Eger

Part 2 Project 2013
Balázs Biri
Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Hungary
The enchanting landscape of the planning area is the cooperative creation of nature and man. Quarries lined on the hillside and wine cellars carved out of tufa give a special character to this site. The recent mien of the area is the result of years long evolution. Man has changed the scenery by taking bites from the hill to construct buildings. The various yards, displaying nice contours as dowry of the open-pit mines, are now mostly abandoned. Recently a winery moved in to two of these yards starting a new era in the history of the quarry. The planning area consists of two mine yards, a closed backyard and a one-side open forecourt, both surrounded by 3-18 meters high plumb rocks.
The placing of the new buildings is function oriented with care taken not to alter the characteristic landscape of the stone-yards. The concept is that the two new buildings would be mainly underground, demanding only a moderate amount of space, thus conserving the spatial homogeneity of the stone-yards.
The forecourt incorporates the facilities of wine manufacturing, and the entrances to the cellars are also located there. The first new building, designed in the forecourt, would house a stock room and a reception. The second building housing an event center and restaurant is designed in the backyard. A crevice would be opened between the event center and the north stone wall allowing natural light to enter the building and creating a recessed court, thus bringing one side of the restaurant cellar to the surface. The tunnel and the spatial layout of the new buildings are intended to smoothly extend the existing wine cellar system. The only difference is practical, that natural light is enabled to enter the cellar of the restaurant from the crevice.
The two new monolithic buildings would be integrated into the landscape and not look like distinctive structures, rather dignified parts of the yards. The crevice is the essence of the presented design providing connection between the yards and the buildings inside, old and new alike. The plan improves the many spatial layers of the quarry.

Balázs Biri


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