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Vectorial Tectonics

Part 1 Project 2013
Hafez Koohestani
American University of Sharjah, UAE
Vectorial Tectonics investigates the potential found in revisiting prototypical geometries such as domes through a contemporary attitude towards materials and construction. Tectonic structures first bloomed in the 1800s which coincided with the industrial revolution and marked the birth of pure tectonic structures that flourished in the “Salle des Imprimes” by Henri Labrouste. This opened one of the prominent areas of study in the field of architecture and influenced the way contemporary architecture is approached. In the pursuit to further investigate this topic, a furniture designer had asked for a new design for a furniture gallery as well as its workshop and studio. That was a stepping stone to further explore the geometry driven tectonic structures. The site was within the Sharjah Art Foundation which lies in the heart of Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. The final proposal was achieved through the design and aggregation of a Unit that expresses structural tectonics over a rectangular grid.
Hafez Koohestani


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