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Park for healing

Part 2 Project 2013
Dayhun Kim
Korea National University of Arts, South Korea
Stressful and busy days we are living in, all people need healing desperately.

But we do not have enough time. This is the reason why we need more healing spaces in cities.

There are many ways of healing, some people just want to sleep enough or other people need exciting events to get rid of ordinary routines. Silence and noise, solitary and crowd, these words are antonyms but also elements needed when people heal themselves.

I wanted to suggest a healing park in the middle of the city. Where contains diverse spaces of healing. For instance, a big hall for loud music which is perfectly surrounded with soundproof walls or a meditation space surrounded with woods.

The site is existing park in Seoul, where many culture programs are nearby.

There are few phase in the healing park, the entrance of the park, big scale, loud sound programs placed. Connected to the city. The second phase program contains such as library or gallery. The last phase is meditation and counseling spaces, which is close to the mountain. There are many buffer zones in the middle of the steps of healing spaces and these buffer zones make anonymous spaces.

The counseling spaces are renovated of existing old houses that people can’t notice and the building rather looks like an ordinary house.

Now days people need to get a treatment of their mental but some prejudice of society provoke them to be in hospital and meet a doctor. I really wanted to not only give an anonymous space for counseling but also suggest a new system of mental treatment.

Be in the middle of the other programs of healing counseling spaces can be just normal and easy space to go.
Everyone need healing in every way , I wanted to make easy and comfortable.

Dayhun Kim


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