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Post War NGO’s (Homs, Syria)

Part 1 Project 2014
Souhaib Souid
Girne American University Girne Turkey
One day you will wake up thinking about what has come to the world around you forgotten all about the past and the links to your region, all the new technologies, the harmony of development and the rhythm of your life won't allow you to think about the last day. Today is the outcome of yesterday, it have to be remembered because it is the roots of our memory and our being beyond all the matters of life to create a better future.
The philosophy behind the project is to interpret the connection between the present and the past, Peace and War. Revealing the ultimate truth about Syria. Rising from the aches is the main story behind the concept of keeping dreams alive through generation of new eras.
The NGOs program covers the following :
1- Community Health Promotion and Education:
- General Hygiene
- Waste Disposal
- Water Usage
- Youth Counselling Services
2- Community Social Problems:
- Juvenile crimes
- Runaway girls
- Street Children
3- Economic:
- Micro-enterprises and Micro-loans
- Skill training (Computers, technician training, Catering services, clothing and textile, etc.)
- Product promotion and distribution.
- Cooperative creation
- Financial consulting
- Career services and job search assistance
4- Development:
- School construction
- Infrastructure construction
- Cultural center construction and operation
- Agriculture and Aquaculture expert assistance
5- Women’s Issues:
- Women and Children’s Rights
- Group therapy for sexually abused women
- Legal assistance to women
Project based on layers leading to a network through underground life where's no separation, transparency against masses, an endless path in a try of connecting all the other sides with self-reflection of truth beyond the reality, unfinished building and empty spaces give the project a chance to live beyond our time free to choose it's own life.
This project shares life facts of three years conflict and many things to be done yet. Generating the ability of new thinking and rooting the identity of the community for tomorrow.
Tomorrow bases on our dreams today.
Dreams come true since we share them today.

Souhaib Souid


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