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THE POWER OF TEN – Industrial Sanctuary, Coventry

Part 2 Project 2014
Ben Porter
Manchester School of Architecture UK
The Power of Ten Industrial Sanctuary, Coventry is a realisation of a new model of industrial development. The scheme uses biological principles in encouraging the growth decay and evolution of industries throughout a 1000 year program.

Coventry was discovered to be an industrially decaying city. Once strong in it’s principles it has remained static politically and physically leaving a withering industrial situation and a deskilled-demotivated population. The Power of Ten scheme aims to rejuvenate the contemporary industrial system and provide fluidity and movement back into Coventry’s industrial core. It provides a new method of innovation and production that relies heavily on the sharing of knowledge, resources and wealth.

At the heart of the site is an Innovation Centre and underground Knowledge Vault. This is the beating heart of the scheme and it provides the steady, unchanging roots of knowledge and progression in industry. Surrounding this monument are the industrial sanctuary fields. Designed to be fluid and ever changing, the industrial sanctuary fields are imagined to develop into districts that share resources or energy. Agglomeration in industry is used as a fuel for progression, and materiality is used to create naturally decaying structures.

The scheme is presented as a combination of permanent and transient architectural interventions. Some bomb and flood proof, whilst others flow away with the rain. With decay comes regrowth and with mutation comes progression. It is under these principles that The Power of Ten system provides a new methodology of industry.

Ben Porter


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