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Bridge Collective Housing

Part 1 Project 2014
John Miller
University of Chile Santiago Chile
Corral Quemado is a town located road to Farellones in the mountains of Chile, the most important ski center and close to Santiago. It is located 16 km from the city and 18 km from the “Los Bronces” mine, being accessible through urban buses. This place is located in a hilly valley with few flat surfaces and is the last forced way up the mountain.

The project specifically located on land that occupies a poor roadside settlement. This settlement is maintained and developed in place by providing services to workers and tourists who head to the mine or from the ski areas constituted as a must stop in place.

The proposal is to rethink the structure of the settlement, releasing the little flat surface for the generation of public space, services and trade to receive the floating population and locate the resident population in a BRIDGE HOUSING allowing occupy the area on the river, uninhabited space before.

The project seeks connect both sides at different levels. In the first level through a public bridge connecting the square with nature trails and in the last level, through a winter garden that connects the orchards and ends at a viewpoint.

The bridge structure based on rigid frames connected together, this will generate a vacuum and protected inside. A translucent membrane covers the roof and south facade creating a space that allows the insulation and ventilation.

The housing is inserted into the vacuum generated by the structure. This block consists of housing for the resident as well as rental housing for floating population spread across a central vacuum that meets an environmental function and where the vertical circulations are concentrated.

The project objective is to be the first stop towards the mountain, creating a set of sustainable housing, allowing the interaction of different uses for their maintenance over time.

John Miller


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