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Populating the River Tame

Part 1 Project 2014
Maksims Uljanovs
Birmingham City University, UK
Between the public, Birmingham is famous for its industrial history, between ecologists, for its large and well protected greenbelt area. Unfortunately, these both equally important aspects are contradicting each other throughout the years. A good example of that is in Castle Bromwich, just on the outskirts of the city. The local River Tame has been redirected by railway line and enclosed by the M6 motorway. Therefore is now in the remote area between busy transit zones. In 2030 it is proposed that the river will change its course once again to allow High Speed Rail line (Phase 2) link between Birmingham and London.

The aim of the project is to influence the path of the River Tame inside the greenbelt area and make it suitable for housing as some of the protected parts are considered to be released to development due to a significant increase in population by 2030. The proposed scheme will alternatively seek to bring ideas of infrastructure into the nature in a respectful way and encourage looking at the underutilised residual land caused by railway and motorway, as an opportunity to improve and develop this new way of future living.

The population of River Tame is based on a self-sustaining city idea. Dwellings are situated in the artificially created embankment with green roofs merge into the surrounding landscape. The riverside is further utilised as a recreational area and provides seating spaces and playgrounds for residents. The Tree Farm surrounding the settlement supplies materials for housing structure produced in the local Timber Production Plant which also employs residents who live there. Land dedicated to food and the Tree Farm are looked after by the automated Agricultural Device which makes it easier to deliver goods and maintain products. This close relationship between the machine and nature is a basis explored for a sustainable living circle and it promotes a positive influence rather than a contradicting effect.

Maksims Uljanovs


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