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Urban Biotope - Relocating Under-served Settlements in Slave Island

Part 2 Project 2014
Shanali Wijesinghe
City School of Architecture, Sri Lanka
The Sri Lankan government has improvised a mass scale development to beautify the country’s main city – Colombo. Re-locating under-served settlements, slums and shanties in sub-urban is a core part of this master plan. This is a topic that has created much public unrest and debate in the recent times.

Imperial builders, together with the UDA is planning to construct a high end commercial development in a 3.2 acre plot which is currently occupied by an underserved community. This project is an attempt to relocate these people within the same premises in a smaller plot area of 0.5 acres as part of the master plan. The concept in doing so is called an "Urban Biotope". This is where the community is considered as a cohesive ecosystem and functions symbiotically to be part of the country's development.

Shanali Wijesinghe


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