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Hiding in Plain Sight

Part 2 Project 2014
Josephine Dand
Cardiff University Cardiff UK
Monaco has a reputation for glamour and wealth and it is on this image that its society and economy rely. To support the high immigration rate that accounts for 80% of the population, the country must attract potential residents from the rest of the world. Public image is Monaco's advert and sullying this image could be catastrophic.

In 2012, it was reported that Monaco had more extensive substance-use habits amongst teenagers than most other European countries. While there are many factors that cause this trend, ultimately it is a result of nothing to do and nowhere to go.

Dense urban environment has come at the expense of space for the public realm. Along with the impact on teenage society, this causes tourists to resort to exploring Monaco by car, passing through with the commuters, resulting in extensive congestion problems.

This thesis project proposes a network of sports hubs linked to a drug rehabilitation centre emerging within the unwanted space created in and around a proposed cable car infrastructure.

Josephine Dand


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