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Walworth Ark

Part 1 Project 2014
Alistair Hood
London South Bank University | UK
As sea levels rise Walworth in South London will be under ever increasing risk of flooding, damaging not only infrastructure but also the community and the lives of its inhabitants. Existing flood defences in Greater London have been a result of flooding rather than preventative, and whilst there are plans to build a second, bigger Thames barrier it may come too late to help the low lying Walworth community.

A Flood Awareness Centre will provide a facility to educate the local community on the science and effects of climate change, and the potential future risk of flooding in the Walworth area. At its heart will be a large scale model of London with the Thames flowing through and capable of being flooded. The aim is to give people the knowledge to be self-­-reliant and the ability to adapt.

Above the awareness centre will be a logistics deck, linking the emergency services with the railway viaduct, which would become the lifeline of Walworth in the event of flooding. Once the flood waters have inundated the Walworth area the design provides new Civic spaces to keep the remaining community intact and allow life in Walworth to carry on.

Alistair Hood


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