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Oceanic Plastic Filter Platform

Part 2 Project 2014
Cristian Ehrmantraut
University of Chile, Chile
The main project´s argument is being part of the solution for the damage caused by floating plastic garbage in the ocean to the nature as a result of many years of disposable culture. In this context, the project wars created as a prototype of a FLOATING PLATFORM that filter the ocean, catching and absorbing the floating plastic without killing the biodiversity.

The project, which would be located 4km off the coast of Easter Island, near the center of the mega-vortex of the South Pacific Ocean, with million tons of floating plastic, it’s a strategic point to start a global clean up and become a worldwide ecological standard.

Conceptually, the verticality of the space in its natural state; just by being submerged, it’s possible to see the sky from below sea level, a VERTICAL PLAZA. Aspects of emergence at a non-invasive, horizontal level were also considered, which results in a volume no bigger than a freighter, with the habitable zone on the surface and the recycling zone underwater. Ocean water is directed toward the recycling zone via gravity filters that separate the water from the plastic, which is later processed into anything that could be used to improve the quality of life of those in need.

The structure logic, is based in the fractal of Sierpinsky, but in 3d, so we can built the whole structure with small parts, creating a tetrahedron that is undeformable, static, stable and simple.

To capture the plastic, was developed a modular system of rolling barriers that use the waves to separate the living from the inert, all while producing energy and preserving the free passage of fish, boats, etc. The ocean is dynamic, so it’s not necessary that the platforms move; because of the ocean flow, eventually, all the water will pass through the same zone.

Cristian Ehrmantraut


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