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Weather Overground Organisation: A conscious architectural approach to climate change

Part 2 Project 2014
Hylton Mallett
London South Bank University, UK
Researchers are constantly stressing the impact of climate change. For instants, by 2050 we will be using three worlds worth of natural resources, food, water, etc. A forward thinking project, which utilises a new source of energy, needs to be carried out to help our planet. This project is an exploration into new technologies which are used to harness the energy from lightning and a facility to help monitor and research the effects of climate change. The facility will create an architecture that is technologically alive or ‘conscious’ adapting the needs of its users. It will gather research from an extensive network (already existing) dedicated to observing our planet, becoming an arc of information whilst supplying our grid with free energy, almost eradicating the need for coal and nuclear power plants.

The project comprises of several components:

- Lightning Facade Device
- Power Plant
- Archive
- Physical sample store
- Cymatics Observation Hall
- Research Tower

Hylton Mallett


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