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The Sound of Space [KX]

Part 2 Project 2014
Enoch Kolo
Nottingham Trent University Nottingham UK
The Sound of Space [KX] is an architectural project situated in one of the largest regeneration sites in Europe; Kings Cross, that explores the relationship and translation between music and architecture.

The idea being ‘reforming the old, into the new’, using heritage-led regeneration schemes as a case study to see how the ‘old’ acts as a catalyst in order to give people a sense of belonging. The English Heritage is trying to get rid of the common misconception that heritage assets must be preserved effectively as they are. The aim is managing change rather than the preservation of the assets. This approach will allow an asset to change and adapt to new uses and circumstances in a way that keeps its heritage value intact. This applies to both music and architecture where our collective past, supports the future.

Exploration of architecture, music and their link to one another is based on the essential modules of each discipline, which creates the structure of both. The modules of these disciplines are closely related and interchangeable; rhythm, proportion, harmony, dynamics, texture, scale and frequency. The project explores an innovative approach in the likes of Iannis Xenakis, where recorded sounds from the site and its surroundings were used to create a new Dubstep piece which was then fed into an Xpresso script that generated different forms that were analyzed, taking inspiration from the analogy that music is sound and silence while architecture is solid and void. This then creates a creative language built from the exploration of the fundamental modules that make up music and architecture, to create hybrid spaces in the lines of music performance, teaching, study and flexible recording spaces for emerging artists.

The design aims to reflect the environment of Kings cross and while achieving a solution that is expressed through architectural form, it not only establishes a connection between people and the space they inhabit but also contributes to strengthening people’s attachment to place.

Enoch Kolo


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