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Part 2 Project 2014
Mohannad Abu Suhaiban
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport - Alexandria Campus Alexandria Egypt
Lying in the heart of El Max, In Alexandria a true gem known as the fishermen's village, an exact replica to the city of Venice in Italy. By taking a glance at the map, One could grasp the magic of the area, as it is on the Mahmoudeya lake where the Nile stream into the Mediterranean sea. With the water flowing, houses overlooking it, boats lining up to its banks, It looks like a picture on a postcard.

Paramount to the inhabitants of the village is their daily gatherings where they'd get to meet, interact and keep in touch with each other.
Capturing this spirit and the needs and wants of the people, lead to the rise of the project concept, which is maintaining the essence of the village yet applying it to an arranged architectural grid that would provide them with better homes and surely a better standard of living.

The idea emerged, from creating a 3d grid of module 7.2m*7.2m that is set for the whole site, this equivalent grid is arranged to fit low cost housing units, of module 7.2m*7.2m, the medium cost housing units, of module 7.2m*14.4m, and the high cost housing units, of module 14.4m*14.4m. Setting the units in place, created voids within the grid that acts as gathering points.

Moreover, In plan, the units seems to be arranged in order yet in 3d, masses appear to have been arranged haphazardly, which will not only achieve more gathering points, but it'll also retain the character of the village.

Separating each zone of low, medium and high cost units lies a staircase that connects between the street level and the lower level by the water body.

The use of sustainable materials was also put in consideration, as all the units are built of the same brick used in construction so as to preserve the image of the houses.

Mohannad Abu Suhaiban


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