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Cinema and Shopping Complex - Slave Island, Colombo 2

Part 1 Project 2014
Buddhika Marasinghe
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
Lifestyles of human beings have been more complicated today, in most cases people are working in on a seat without moving much. But in the past people use physical strength in the work rather than the mind. Nowadays human being needs psychological a relaxation in their routine.

Slave Island is a fast-growing area in Colombo(Sri Lanka). Major scale developments are proposed and happening, but this area only acts as a hub for transition. Development in Slave Island comparing to Colombo is very low. Major scale luxury and middle class apartments are processing around the area and also recreational areas like jogging paths and parks are there in walking distance. But there is a need of a backbone element to support these activities and to integrate them. This project will act as an “Anchor tenet to whole Slave Island.”

Expected Design Objectives of the Project (Socially and Environmentally)
Interaction, Bring people together and act in a common platform providing recreational facilities in people’s routine works. Take the experience of Cinema to a new level which can be experience by most of the population in Colombo and Sri Lanka.
Provision for a new experience of a modern bazaar concept.
Create a hub of commercial activities while supporting various businesses.
Cater each different social character in particular manner exotic to them. Not only respond the contextual issues but should be capable to create a new “impulse” in the area. Creation of a well permeable public plaza with green areas (Delightful environment) Provision for lacks in the immediate context (green spaces, space to gather) Creation of different characters during weekends and holidays seasons. Simple spaces with easy accesses for users.

This design will be an attempt to get the people out of their routing life-style and take recreational facilities to a new level while serving also as commercial facilities. This component will be a combination of both recreational and business activities creating new links and experience so the concept will be .. “Matrix”. Seeking justice for the project with creating balance between Functions, Users, Spaces, Structure and etc.

Buddhika Marasinghe


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