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IMBIBE: (a) Salt works

Part 2 Project 2014
Amy McKeogh
University College Cork | Ireland
IMBIBE: (a) Salt works, occupies the Bay of Tangier acting as a intermediate zone that engages a number of converging trajectories, of program, view and material. The water in the Bay of Tangier and its surrounding areas are heavily contaminated. The inhabitants of the Medina have a severe lack of running water, providing the project with its preliminary and critical issues to address. Envisioned as a dynamic and productive landscape, it aims to do several things simultaneously: to generate a clean, manipulated and productive water system, and to conceive within the ambit of architectural attention a public forum of interaction with both nature and man. The project oscillates between the material and immaterial, the functional and the atmospheric, man-made and organic, and imbricates the sensory upon and within structural forms.

Conceived from aspirations to produce a landscape that benefited the context, environment and lives of both the occupants and the transitory visitors; the water filtration and desalination infrastructure provides a framework in which the atmospheric, productive and public spaces can inhabit, interact and respond. The generation of salt constructs the atmospheric qualities, and the bodily interaction with the elements whilst growing and viewing skin of structures; the organic and undeterminable builds up and juxtaposes the rigorous and formed structural skeleton. The scheme hovers on the intermediary boundary between mid air and lands; Africa and Europe, acting as a mediator between the two, both physically and metaphysically.

The site negotiates the cultural, social, political and religious landscapes and acts as a melting pot of diversity. The project, interacts and adapts to the perpetual erosion of time, tide and environment. This acknowledgment of time allows fragments of the project to be intermediately exposed and exploited. The subliminal qualities situate the body and its interaction with a new sublime constructed by the project. The notion of the body and how it relates to the horizon, context and sublime occurs through the visual links, vistas created and vertiginous spaces. The space is envisioned as liminal and tactile, punctured by light; a penumbra on Tangier's ruinous edge.

Amy McKeogh


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