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Park: Unused space in the city

Part 1 Project 2014
Eunyeong Kim
Korea National University of Arts | South Korea
Ratio of green tract of Seoul, still developing fast, is the highest level compare to other cities such as Tokyo and Paris. However there are plenty of parks left empty and people keep claiming to build more parks no matter how many abandoned spaces there are. So the number of parks like Gwanghwamun Citizen Yeolin-Madang or school facilities mobilized by public-park project is increased and Hunlyunwon park is also one of them.

As Hunlyunwon park is located next to a general hospital and disconnected with chunggae-stream by US garrison behind, it is just left empty, used by few skaters on weekends, and even functions as a disturbing factor of connections between market spaces around. After researching current situation, to make this area vibrant as a cultural space, I consolidated sites(park and garrison) assuming that the garrison moved out and proceeded renovation planning using existing structures with 2 processes : Block scale, Building scale.

Basically the park consists of 5 components. (1)Soft surface is about connecting continuity of green from DDP to city hall square. (2)Buildings are selected among the previous ones in garrison considering their sustainability and programs for organizing the entire park. (3)Hard surface is directly related to zoning each part of park and each of them has different conditions of accessibility and public-private degrees though all of them are outdoor space. (4)Green as an object has both features of soft surface and building. It contains space inside like a trail and simultaneously adjusts noise or view. (5)Roads of the park draw people inside and connect each area. Considering flows of people, the width or direction is decided.

Among these parts of the park, I selected fashion museum and atelier for building renovation. It is located in the eastern main road and directly connected to the main square. To change military buildings into cultural spaces with existing structures, the main points of designing is how to get natural light into buildings totally lacking of windows, how to link existing paralleled buildings considering flows of people and to make full use of exterior space as a part of a park.

Eunyeong Kim

Prof Jongkyu Kim
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