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Mt Olympus Regeneration Project

Part 2 Project 2014
Christos Kakouris
De Montfort University | UK
An Agricultural and a Myco-restoration Facility

The building intends to reclamate an old and abandoned quarry and reinforce the reforestation concept on Mt Olympus foothills using a new and applied patent called Myco-restoration. This type of restoration is being part of a suite of six mycological solutions, using fungi, and these solutions are based on mycelium (roots of mushroom). The mycelium infuses all landscapes, it can be grown externally. It can also hold soils together and give about 200% percent more minerals to the soil. This process aims at restoring this abandoned landscape by cultivating mycelium, then inoculating that to the topsoil, mixing it with wood chip debris and then local flora and fauna will be attracted.
Architecture, in this project works as a substitute material in nature and embraces the sense of evolution in Nature.

The building, though the Myco-restoration and the Reforestation transforms from a Laboratory of Nature to an Agricultural Facility for people consisting of various activities for learning and enjoying the Mt. Olympus landscape in this new and restored habitat.

Building sectors:
- Laboratories / Agricultural Facilities and workshops
-Public space
- Earth sheltered accommodation
The project investigates both the process of cultivation as a facilitator of knowledge, and architecture’s role in enhancing of the transformative and regenerative role of nature. Complex of rooms / pods (nature’s fruits), courtyards, in-between spaces, views, lifted terraces, all woven around the canal – the water, the source of life.

In the opposite side there is accommodation facilities with a minimum impact on the landscape and the aspect of public entertainment that offers unique views to Mt Olympus. The funicular railway connects the two different levels providing the workers / public with comfort. The landscape in the middle is a series of precise processional routes which tend to determine nature’s urge towards the future.
Location: Mountain Olympus, Greece

Christos Kakouris

Mr Tom Fitzsimmons
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