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In Memorandum: A physical and digital legacy archive

Part 2 Project 2015
Bethany Brown
London South Bank University, UK
Today all actions can be traced by digital footprint. In an era of online presence and diminishing horizontal space 'In Memorandum: a Physical and Digital Legacy Archive' addresses the future of the past.

The location is the geothermally active Tuscan hill top town of Saturnia. With a population of only 280, hot springs and Etruscan ruins are the main tourist draw.

Saturnia’s history is hidden: occupied by the Pelasgi, settled by Etruscans, conquered by the Romans and plagued by family feuds. The Roman Via Clodia’s partial remains hug the iconic hilltop fortress, passing through a Roman arch where processions to the Etruscan necropolis took place.

The Archive, created as an extension of the landscape, consists of four upper and lower towers, celebrating Saturnia’s relocated cemetery and important European figures. The secular contemplation space, enveloped by its landscapes, is pierced with light fissures to create atmosphere at all levels encountered. Digital archives are accessible throughout the building to eulogize the past.

Crafted by landscape surface normals, shafts of light illuminate the lower towers which are suspended for visitors to walk beneath while accessing the archives. Upper towers are lit by small apertures in memory of those who dwell within the building.

Bethany Brown


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