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Portsmouth Foodbank

Part 1 Project 2015
Haakon Lie
University of Portsmouth, UK
Food demand is rapidly increasing worldwide and in the UK. Run by volunteers and relying on donations, the food banks provide emergency food for people in need. Last year the city of Portsmouth saw a 70% rise in people asking for help to feed their families. With the local foodbanks struggling to reach current demands, this proposal is looking at solving the issue, by creating a complex community centre within a city wide strategy.

Located in one of Portsmouth's most deprived areas and on a site brown field sit, the scheme offers to engage with the local community on a number of levels. The new community centre is based around an urban living room that serves both as foodbank, soup kitchen and activity space. Connected to this are temporary sleeping facilities and a job centre.

By helping locals gain key skills and knowledge the strategy for the project implies that successful receivers one day will give back to the community. By implementing high tech architectural solutions the projects looks at ways of reducing running costs, as well as creating a piece of architecture that can inspire both users and volunteers at the centre.

Haakon Lie

Mr Martin Pearce
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