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At the Grand Canal

Part 1 Project 2015
Siyao Wang
Xi'an Jiaotong-Liverpool University | China
Historically, the Grand Canal signified a prosperous future for cities in China located alongside its banks. Nowadays, as waterways have lost importance, many cities at the Grand Canal such as Huai’an, find themselves located detached from both national as well as international attention. As in many other Chinese cities, officials decided to create Economic Development Zones on a grand scale as a remedy against the economic decline. However, do these recent developments hold the promise of a prosperous future in the same way the Grand Canal did in the past?

The project proposal “At the Grand Canal” aims to create a vision for the city and its future that is not separated from the city’s past. It takes the Grand Canal as a point of departure and develops architecture that is capable of re-initiating the newly envisioned city. Nowadays, the Grand Canal is detached from Huai’an’s urban life. The Grand Canal is invisible. Through the attachment of activity modules, the potential of the Grand Canal for the city and its future is expected to be made present. The project initiates a future of Huai’an at the Grand Canal.

Siyao Wang


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