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A National Hermitage for Philosophy and Emotional Intelligence in Armagh

Part 1 Project 2015
James Scott
Queen's University Belfast, UK
A hermitage organised for the collection and refinement of gold. As well as being a spiritual centre, gold has also been found in the province surrounding the city of Armagh, making this a prime location for a building of process.

Gold is a stable currency, and its purity is a welcome icon in our modern, spiritually clouded society. Just like gold ore becomes more valuable as it becomes purer, the human mind becomes wiser as we think more simply. The building symbolises that there are other primitive processes that allow us to connect with our being in a spiritual way.

By taking part in the process, the value of both material and knowledge are fully appreciated. We can draw many comparisons between this process and our experiences in everyday life. Example being that nothing worth having is easily gained.

Each person is expected to form alternative views on their life’s journey and the building will help them chose between things of worldly value or spiritual mindfulness. Like Martin Heidegger’s thinking, we must first attempt to live for ourselves and as a result move through life’s journey with clearer view of what is truly important.

James Scott

Mr Robert Jamison
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