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Mediation Within The Urban Archipelago

Part 2 Project 2015
Nick Hart-Woods
Leeds Beckett University, UK
The project bases itself in the abandoned city of Varosha in Cyprus and seeks to address the repurposing of this previously abandoned area outside of national politics. By establishing a libertarian state based on a charter city model, which operates free of national agenda and focuses purely on financial strength; the political gap between nations could be bridged through commerce.

This principal was manifested within the project as economic enclaves, an urban condition in which corporate entities are segregated into insular zones. The size of these zones is dependent on their financial success, expanding and contracting with their monetary value.

The initial interactions were explored through the use of computational field studies that allow for the abstracted study of social and political issues within urban environments.

Within this context, the project further explores the condition of the boundary, addressing methods of structure as a variable barrier and the use of space as a facilitator for mediation through this segregation.

By acting as an architectural diagnostic the thesis presents and explores the most extreme of scenarios: a world in which focus on economic success is pushed to the limits imagining the effect this can have on the urban environment.

Nick Hart-Woods


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